Legend – 1st Drenai novel

•February 2, 2010 • 4 Comments

The Legend Druss, Captain of the Axe: the stories of his life were told everywhere. Instead of the wealth and fame he could have claimed, he had chosen a mountain lair, high in the lonely country bordering on the clouds. There the grizzled old warrior kept company with snow leopards and awaited his old enemy death. The Fortress Mighty Dros Delnoch, protected by six outer walls, the only route by which an army could pass through the mountains. It was the stronghold of the Drenai empire. And now it was the last battleground, for all else had fallen before the Nadir hordes. And hope rested on the skills of that one old man…

It must be a good 10 years since I last read this, and picking it up again was brilliant. Like an old friend. An old friend with a bloody big axe ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I’m really not one for reading about battles and wars in general, but Gemmell’s characters are always engaging and all my usual reading rules go out the window with him. Legend is a classic page turner, Druss is the ultimate hero and I can’t wait to carry on into the series. Unlike so many fantasy authors Gemmell was never one for the waffling, pointlessly drawn out narrative that can drive you mental with 1,000 page tomes. He gives you exactly what you need for a fast paced tale, and I love him for it. If only there were more like him. He’s sorely missed.


Drenai Page & A Plea

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As I’m re-reading the Drenai series first, the Drenai page on here will be the first one to receive attention ๐Ÿ™‚ Updates will no doubt be a bit sporadic as my hospital date races ever closer.

And while I’m here…I know this is a long shot but if there’s anyone reading this who knows where I can get my hands on a copy ofย  “White Knight Black Swan” please give me a shout, it’s the only one I don’t have and I’ve looked in all the obvious places. Am desperate!

David Gemmell

•January 31, 2010 • 2 Comments

Had a bit of a change of plans re my TBR pile, and the blog itself, and am just about to embark on a huge David Gemmell re-read, to cheer myself up ๐Ÿ™‚ Starting with the Drenai series, I plan on re-acquainting myself with my favourite fantasy author, and losing myself wholly in his world.ย  Need to take my mind off things! I’ll review as I go, but we all know the entire series is up for 5 stars, lol.

For starters my bedside table looks as follows:

Ever since we cleared out a room for the baby most of my books have been consigned to the spare bedroom downstairs, I’ll dig out the rest of the Drenai stack later in the week. It was a toss up between starting with Drenai or Rigante, but I’m just in the mood for a bit of Druss at the mo.

All my other reviews from Jan 1st onwards have been copied over to my LibraryThing account, if anyone’s interested ๐Ÿ™‚